Christmas Gift Printable Tickets

The Mister & I love to give our nieces and nephews experiences as gifts. This year, we’re taking the two oldest ones out for ‘an evening out’ while we’re together. We wanted to give them something to open that tied in with our evening together so I created a template for a ‘ticket’ to include with the Santa hats and light up necklaces (the Mister and I have ones, too) that we brought with us.

I needed the ‘tickets’ printed quickly, so I used the one-hour photo at Walgreens. I created and then customized & downloaded the template (see below for your copy) for each one of them and then uploaded them to the Walgreens site as 4 x 6 prints, I used promo code: FIFTYPP). Once they’re printed, cut off the solid red parts to make it look like a ticket. I wrote in what we were doing with a gold permanent marker. It was pretty easy and it turned out looking good. You could print them at home too, if you wanted.

I hope your holidays are filled with fun. If your fun includes printing ‘tickets’ for experiences, click here to create your copy of the template, just be sure to sign into your Google Account first.

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