Harvest Punch

One of my all-time favorite fall drinks recipes (that transitions really well into the Christmas season) is Harvest Punch. I originally had it at my good friend, Nicole’s when I lived down the street from her for a book club meeting. It was so delicious that I emailed her and asked for the recipe, which she kindly shared. This year for Thanksgiving, I dusted off this crowd-favorite and made a small Lowcountry adjustment to it, which turned out really well. I hope that it becomes a favorite at your events, too! I often put the cider and the whiskey (or schnapps) together ahead of time in the refrigerator and then add the other ingredients about 15 minutes before my guests arrive.

Harvest Punch

In a drink dispenser, combine:

One half gallon of apple cider (or to taste)
1/3 bottle of Firefly Bourbon Ball Whiskey (or half bottle of butterscotch schnapps)
One bottle of sparking wine
One cinnamon stick
1-2 cups Frozen cranberries

I like to have a bottle of sparkling wine next to the dispenser for guests to top their punch with wine, as well as cut up oranges.

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