Intentions Rather Than Resolutions

“What is your New Year’s resolution?”

It’s the classic question that everyone likes to ask this time of year. It’s awesome that people want to hear about your plans. What’s not awesome is the pressure of resolutions. Resolutions are intense. You are RESOLVING to do something. You’re taking something on, making it part of you.

That all sounds great. I mean, we’re trying to make ourselves better. 

The trouble is that we’ve all seen the data. Very few people tend to stick to it. It’s not hard to imagine why. There’s so much weight on us and if we mess up one time, well we may as well give up because we’ve already lost. 

This, dear reader, is why I veer toward intentions. This year (2021), my intention is to exercise on the weekends. See how much friendlier that is? I really do want to exercise on the weekend but I know that if I miss a day here and there, it’s not a problem and I can try better next time. My goal with my intention is to make a habit and automate the change I want to see.

Maybe this year, you’ll make an intention. If you have one in mind, head back to instagram and share it with me, I’d love to hear it.

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