Vegan King Cake

It’s Mardi Gras at our house today. We’ve been listening to a lot of Kermit Ruffins and snacking on King Cake. Normally, King Cake calls to me in a wishful way, it’s something I typically can’t eat because of the dairy and eggs. Enter the vegan King Cake (that’s actually delicious) to save the day. For the uninitiated, a king cake is a braided sweet cinnamon bread item with a glaze on top (and a plastic baby hidden inside). For this one, I found a great recipe online as a starting place.

round, braided king cake on a plate

I made these changes to it:

  • Decrease initial sugar to about 1/8 cup
  • I used half whole wheat flour and half bread flour
  • I used chia egg
  • I braided it and then let it rise overnight
  • Decreased frosting sugar to 1/3 c (& decreased almond milk amount)
  • Sprinkled with colored sanding sugar

Next year, I would 100% reuse this recipe (it’s a good one) but I would start it earlier and double the amount of cinnamon in the filling. Both The Mister and I felt like it could use a little more cinnamon flavor. Additionally, I would measure the temperature initially so I don’t have my milk/sugar mix too hot for the yeast (which I may have this time).

You can find the original recipe here [created by Brita from Food with Feeling]

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