#Lemons To Lemon Curd

If you read the blog or follow any of the A Crunchy Peach social accounts, I’m sure you’ve seen the saga of the Meyer Lemons. We added the potted Meyer lemon tree to the backyard this past spring and I honestly was skeptical as to whether we would get anything viable…or if we might even be able to keep the thing alive. It turns out that the Meyer lemon tree seems to enjoy our backyard and the mild negligence that we can offer to plants.  Imagine my surprise when we harvested two full-size, ripened Meyer lemons. After picking them (that’s not actually true, I carefully cut them off with scissors), I began working on a recipe for them.

Initially, I thought I might make lemon bars, because I love them, and yet it seemed as if I were squandering my hard-won lemons.  I would only be able to eat so many lemon bars before I wouldn’t really appreciate them as much as I would like to. As my search continued, I checked Del’s Cooking Twist– one of my favorite food bloggers and upon searching her site for lemon recipes, I happened upon a lovely lemon curd recipe (linked below).  Del is a French lady living in America and many of her recipes have healthy or allergen-friendly twists to them (see what I did there?), which I really appreciate. I adjusted her recipe to use ghee rather than butter but when I make it again (which I definitely will), I might try to use a dairy alternative. I would also try to reduce the sugar a little bit- it’s not overly sweet, but I’d like to bring the tart flavor forward even more.

After making it (which was an easy, quick process), I chilled it and immediately began ‘taste testing’ it from the refrigerator. It’s so smooth, creamy, and incredibly tart. The color is amazing and I can’t wait to use it. Here are some of my lemon curd plans:

  • Breakfast pancakes: I don’t like traditional pancakes, but I love the Birchbenders Paleo pancake mix and I think it will be ideal with lemon curd in between two (or six pancakes)!
  • Italian Lemon Olive Oil Cake: I’m going to make some adjustments, but it will be perfect for an upcoming Italian-themed party we have at some friends’ house coming up.  This will be the perfect addition!
  • Mini Lemon Meringue Pies: I feel like this will be a total win…I love the tiny size.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of each of these delights. All I can hope is that I have enough lemon curd for them all. What are your favorite uses for lemon curd (link to recipe)?


  1. I had ricotta pancakes with lemon curd yesterday at AD. They were delicious!! No need for syurp.

    (I know you won’t put ricotta in your pancakes, but for me it was lovely.)


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