Why I Don’t Use Fake Spiderweb

IMG_0541I’m a reasonably big fan of Halloween. I used to buy fake spiderweb and drape it all over outside (you know the stuff…looks creepy, your neighbors likely have it out now).  I’ll be the first to admit that it looks pretty sinister, especially when leaves and other debris becomes caught in it. IMG_1778

Although I love the look of it, I noticed that it was a serious pain to remove it from the plants and bushes. I often ended up breaking off bits of our plants and never really getting it all off. Last year, I started wondering what happens with it all and I realized that there’s no way to recycle all of it…which means it ends up in the landfill. Upon doing further research, I read that bees, hummingbirds, and even owls can get caught in it and die. I began to wonder if it was worth all of that for one night and I wasn’t sure that it was.

IMG_2082Rather than use that sticky (yet effective stuff), I found some cheesecloth that looks just as creepy and is reusable. I have it cut into nefarious shapes that hang on our front porch and teamed up with one of those rotating lights added up to a reasonably easy and sinister-looking Halloween decor scheme. I added some pumpkins on the porchIMG_1011 and a fall wreath, which completed our Fall/Halloween decor in under 15 minutes. If you can snag some Spanish moss from your backyard, even better!  After getting it sorted out last year, when I grabbed the parts from the Halloween bin this year, it all went up in fewer than ten minutes, which made the whole process simple.

Clearly, it might be a little late for your Halloween decor this year, but it’s closing in on the perfect time for you to buy yours for next year on the post-Halloween sale. The fabric I have looks a lot like this.  It’s pretty easy to work with- just cut holes and pull it apart until it looks derelict and sinister.

What are some of your go-to Halloween decorations?

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