#TFT: Table French Toast

tbtThose that know me know that my favorite meal is brunch. Hands down, I love brunch. There are so many good things that brunch offers…

  • It usually occurs on weekends (my favorite days)
  • It happens later in the day (no early wakeups!)
  • I can order traditionally breakfast OR lunch menu items
  • Brunch drinks

Really though, the list can go on and on (leisurely meals, anyone?). One of my favorite things about brunch is something that my husband loves to chuckle at me for…Table French Toast. He loves to laugh at me, because he said it’s something that I made up. After a cursory look on my Google Machine, maybe he’s right. If that’s the case, then more power to me, because Table French Toast is pretty much amazing.

Let me set the scene for you.  I’m at brunch (or breakfast) and I want to eat some delicious food. My eye typically makes a beeline for the sweet stuff: waffles, sweet crepes, french toast…dessert mains. I’ve played that game before and I lose every time. I order a giant plate of french toast (a personal favorite), I gobble it down and I’m starving again in 45 minutes. I’ve just eaten an enormous plate of sugar, which really isn’t the best choice. So, I convince myself I should order something that incorporates a few basic food groups, but I really still want the french toast…enter the Table French Toast. It’s a nod to it’s sweet nature, I treat it as the dessert that it really is, and we share it as a table.

Brunch at Sea Biscuit Cafe

I often wait until the server seems to be just ready to come back to take the order- and drop the dulce bomb…”Want to get Table French Toast?”- if you wait until your dining companions have decided on their chosen savory treat, their brains will say “Hmmmm, I sure would like a sweet bite to finish my meal on.”, and the answer on TFT is an enthusiastic yes. Looking for a brunch friend? Need some help on getting TFT in your next brunch? Let me know on Facebook– I’m always glad to help.


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