Home Free (…well not actually free)!

After an exhaustive months-long search we finally found our dream house…

Just kidding. After one day of looking with our awesome realtor Carlos, we found a house we really like and met most of our wishlist, so we put in an offer and it got accepted! The Mister and I are both very excited to move in- there’s a little work to do before that happens, but FAR less than with house number one (that we sold this summer in Virginia).

CooperRiverBridgeAs we’re thinking about moving into the new house, we’ve thought back to our experience with our first house. We never liked the kitchen, but we said ‘we’ll renovate it in a couple of years’. As I’m sure you can guess, a couple of years turned into six years of the kitchen staying exactly the same. Lesson learned- we’re having the work done on this one before we move in. That will be the biggest job to get completed before we move in.

A couple of other things to tackle are: repainting a few rooms (most of the house is a friendly grey, which we like) and changing out carpet for hard floors. But generally, the house is in awesome shape, which is a very welcome change from our last house-buying adventure.

I’ll share some more details as we get closer to our close date: March 1st. Yay!

Any guesses on where it is?

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