2015/16: Transitions

I never thought that I’d be the one with more than one blog (I never thought I’d have A blog, let alone two), but over the past year, I’ve realized there is definitely a need for one. Having a very topic-specific blog doesn’t lend itself to random posts about sewing, drinking wine, and living in Charleston. Enter: new blog.

ship bridge2015 was a pretty huge year for The Mister and me. Not only did we have our typically event-filled fun year, but we decided on a big move. Moving from DC/Virginia to Charleston has been a big change, but has proven to be an almost entirely pleasant one. We both miss our friends, I miss the Kennedy Center, and the wineries. Aside from that, I couldn’t be happier with our decision to relocate. Exploring and discovering our new city has been a treat- and we’ve had so many visitors, which has made the transition easier.

We’ve been renting since July, and we’ve both started hearing the ticking of the clock: our lease is only through April 1, so we need to find a permanent place to live. Renting has been a blessing- we’ve been able to check out many different parts of Charleston (& Mt. P) to decide what will be best for us. It’s proven to be a difficult decision…which is more of a testament to how many great areas there are in Charleston, and less to our indecisiveness (I hope). It will be interesting to see what pops up and what we end up being drawn to.

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