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Y’all.  Have you tried any of the amazing skin & hair products from Lather?

lather photo.pngI’m smitten in a major way.

I love their creations because they work. The products all do what they say they are going to do (which is critical). I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on products that don’t work.  I’ve played that game in the past, and guess what…I usually lose. Second, I love that it all smells fantastic, like

‘I want to use 10 times as much as I need to because it smells so good!’

Finally, I love that the company is committed to not using synthetic perfumes and artificial ingredients.  So many cosmetic and beauty companies load so many chemicals and ‘junk’ into the products we purchase.  This is important, not only because it is good for our planet, but it’s also good for us.  Oftentimes, it seems like people forget that their largest organ- their skin- needs healthy products.  We’re exposed to enough chemicals that probably aren’t that good for us already, why would I want to pile more on? I feel that companies like Lather are the ones that will be leading the way in the future. Lather produces great products, that do what they’re supposed to and are kind to our bodies and our world. So thanks, Lather.

This week, Lather sent me some different haircare products (and not because I’m a blogger…it’s because I asked, and they’re kind).  If you haven’t kept up with the recent happenings in Charleston, it looks like a lot like this:

snow charleston

Yikes!  It’s been cold, and the air has been dry over the last two weeks or so, which is completely out of the usual for us in the Lowcountry and has made my skin (and scalp) dry and itchy.  So, when my Lather products showed up, I couldn’t have been more excited to try something new.

IMG_4664Among some other wonderful products, I got the brand new, just-released Baobab & Shea hair wash & conditioner. My first impression was one of delight over the smell- it’s fruity and rich and made me hungry and wanting to be on a warm-weather vacation (without smelling of coconut or anything). It is lovely.  Once I started using it, I got worried. I have long-ish, thin hair and both the wash & conditioner are both very rich and I thought it might be heavy and weigh my hair down. When I was out of the shower and brushing my hair (I don’t use a wide tooth comb, even though I know I should)- I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the brush went through- no tangles, no knots…major score! When I began to dry my hair, I knew I had a winner product on my hands. My hair felt thick, soft and smooth.


As I went through the day, I was shocked that my hair kept some volume, but was still smooth…those typically don’t happen for my hair. I didn’t put any product in my hair…none. I washed & conditioned, and then dried it on warm with a paddle brush (like I do most days). The results were pretty great. The nice smell is still lingering around in a very subtle way, 11 hours later. The thing that I keep double checking back on is that they’re all free of the nefarious chemicals that typically make me think twice about washing my hair every day and much to my delight, they are!  I keep wondering how something can work so well and be good for my skin (and the people & planet, too)? Lather is helping me shift my thoughts on what we deserve in skin & hair products. 


I’ll be sure to update y’all on how these two do in the next weeks and months on my locks. I suspect I’ll love them both for the winter, but I’m curious to see how this line performs in our hot, humid southern summers…I’m hoping that I keep the way my hair looked and felt today in July (which would be a small miracle).


I want to share some Lather with you! I have a cute pouch, a white clay mask, and a sample of the (perfect for winter) avocado hair mask all from Lather. To enter, comment below with one of the Lather products you’d like to try. Get an extra entry by following A Crunchy Peach on Facebook & Instagram.  I’ll choose the winner on January 22nd. Good luck!

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I was sent free products which I used to write this post. The review & opinions are all my own


  1. Isn’t it wild that we get so excited when a product does what it’s supposed to do?! I totally agree that finding one that does is the BEST!! What a great giveaway, too. I would love to try the pear and lavender hand soap!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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