Holiday Drink Recipes

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I love to entertain during the holidays. It’s fun to have your friends around and be able to still spend the evening cozily ensconced at your own house. While we’re not


hosting a Christmas party this year, I helped a friend with her Ornament Exchange party this past weekend. She asked for my go-to drink recipe, which I happily shared. I’ve been making Charleston Sparkling Punch for our Christmas parties for many years and I adapted it from a martini recipe that I enjoyed drinking. This year, a large portion of the lady attendants of this party were pregnant, so they weren’t enjoying the Charleston Sparkling Punch. In light of that, we created the Holiday Mocktail recipe (also included), which definitely ended up being a party hit.

Click below to open the recipes: 

Charleston Sparkling Punch (contains alcohol)
Holiday Mocktail (alcohol-free)

Both of these recipes feature citrus and frozen cranberries, which help cool your drink and provide a bright splash of color as you dole out your chosen libation. I always serve my punches in drink dispensers, since it seems to keep my bar area much tidier. My favorite drink dispenser is this one (although I got it a few years ago at Costco).

What are your favorite holiday drink recipes?

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